Graduate Trainee - UAE National

Posted 06 June 2024
Job type SEED - Permanent

Job description

Graduate Trainee Responsibilities:

  • Gathering as much information on the company and participating in on-the-job training wherever possible.

  • Participating in meetings, workshops, and team-building events.

  • Taking notes on experiences and keeping a log of things learned.

  • Compiling reports and making presentations to other staff members.

  • Analyzing existing systems and offering new ideas for improvement.

  • Bringing positive energy into the company, and forming lasting professional relationships with staff.

  • Conducting research and assisting the Manager or Supervisor wherever possible.

  • Completing fieldwork or visiting different work sites when required.

  • Upholding the good name of the company at all times.

  • Writing a test or submitting to some other form of evaluation at the end of the graduate program.

Graduate Trainee Requirements:

  • Degree in the relevant field.

  • Previous work experience is not necessary but may be advantageous.

  • A valid driver's license.

  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills.

  • Excellent research abilities and a willingness to grow.

  • A positive attitude and a growth mindset.