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How to Avoid Non-Compliance Penalties in Emiratisation Policies

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How to Avoid Non-Compliance Penalties in Emiratisation Policies

​The UAE government has been actively promoting Emiratisation to increase the participation of Emiratis in the workforce. As part of this initiative, companies are required to comply with certain quotas for hiring Emirati nationals. Failure to meet these quotas can result in substantial fines.

The Risk of Non-Compliance

As of now, 1320 companies have been flagged as non-compliant with Emiratisation policies. These companies are at risk of facing a hefty fine of 100,000 AED if they fail to meet the required quota by June. This is not just a financial burden, but it can also harm the company's reputation and its relationship with the government.

Action Steps to Ensure Compliance

  1. Understand the Emiratisation Policies: The first step towards compliance is understanding the Emiratisation policies and the specific quotas that your company needs to meet. This includes the percentage of Emirati employees required in your workforce.

  2. Reach out to TXM for Emiratisation Recruitment solutions:

    TXM Manpower Solutions

    is a known entity that provides Emiratisation recruitment services. They can guide you through the process, help you understand the requirements, and provide solutions to meet the quotas.

  3. Recruit and Train Emirati Nationals: Start recruiting Emirati nationals to meet the quotas. This might also involve training them for the roles they are hired for.

  4. Regularly Monitor Your Compliance Status: Keep a regular check on your compliance status. This will help you know if you are on track or if you need to put in more efforts to meet the quotas.

Remember, the deadline for meeting the quota is in June. If the quota is not met by then, a fine of 100,000 AED will be imposed by July. It’s crucial to act now to avoid this situation. Compliance with Emiratisation policies is not just about avoiding fines, it’s about contributing to the nation's vision of a diversified and sustainable economy.