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Manpower Supplier in UAE

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Manpower Supplier in UAE

TXMManpower Solutions is a dynamic human resources and recruitment firm that offers a broad spectrum of services to a diverse range of clients. We cater to the needs of both emerging startups and globally renowned brands, providing custom recruitment solutions for contract, interim, or permanent positions.

HR Outsourcing

We offer a comprehensive recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) and employer of record (EOR) service, managing various facets of human resources management. This includes visa support, onboarding, passport and visa renewals, staff accommodation, and end-of-service management, thereby streamlining HR processes and ensuring compliance with local labor laws.

Permanent Recruitment

TXMManpower Solutions utilizes a vast global database of active job seekers to place professionals across various sectors. We work closely with clients to understand their specific needs and find the perfect match for any permanent staffing requirements.

Temporary / Contract Staffing

TXMManpower Solutions provides highly skilled contractors and temporary workers for short-term projects or interim staffing needs. Their consultants ensure a steady supply of qualified personnel, enabling businesses to adapt quickly to changing market conditions.

Talent Management

Working in partnership with clients, TXMManpower Solutions identifies and develops talent within organizations. We implement strategies for talent mapping and nurturing, helping businesses realize the full potential of their workforce.

Visa Support

TXMManpower Solutions simplifies complex and time-consuming immigration procedures by handling all necessary paperwork, and ensuring that employees have the required documents to legally work in the UAE.

Payroll Services

TXMManpower Solutions offers cost-effective payroll & WPS solutions, managing the daunting task of payroll for businesses with a large workforce, ensuring accurate and timely payment of employees and contractors.

Company Formation

TXMManpower Solutions also assists with company formation, providing comprehensive support to entrepreneurs and businesses looking to establish their presence in the UAE. We guide clients through every step of the company formation process, from initial consultation and business plan development to registration and licensing.

TXM Manpower Solutions serves as an extended HR partner, placing the right people in the right positions. We enable organizations to focus on their core business, ensuring workforce success throughout the employee journey. Our commitment to excellence and client satisfaction sets us apart in the competitive field of HR and recruitment services. TXM Manpower Solutions is equipped to meet your resourcing and business setup needs, regardless of the size or nature of your business.