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UAE Golden Visa Made Easy with Just 3 Steps

​Are you a high-achieving professional, investor, entrepreneur, scientist, or artist? The UAE Golden Visa is your gateway to long-term residency in one of the world's most dynamic and innovative co...

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Check eligibility criteria for skilled workers seeking a visa in the UAE

​Green Visa: The UAE’s Green visa is a type of residence visa that allows its holder to sponsor himself/herself for 5 years. To apply for a Green visa, skilled employees must:Standard Work Visa: A ...

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What are the eligibility criteria for a Freelance Visa in UAE?

​TXMManpower Solutions is your trusted partner for obtaining the most affordable Freelance Visa in the UAE, including Dubai. We streamline the Freelance Visa Dubai application process, ensuring tha...

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Employer of Record in Dubai: EOR UAE Complete Guide

​TXMManpower Solutions offers comprehensive Employer of Record (EOR) services in the UAE, facilitating seamless company recruitment, HR management, and payroll processing. With our EOR solution, yo...

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​The Key to Success with Trusted EOR Services in the Middle East

In today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, companies in the Middle East are constantly seeking ways to achieve growth and success. One of the key factors that can empower businesses in this re...

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Manpower Process and Internal HR Process

​TermDefinitionManpower ProcessA strategic approach to planning for an organization's future staffing needs. It involves analyzing the current workforce, forecasting future demand, and creating str...

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Embracing Outsourcing | Identifying Critical Signals for Business Growth

​Six Key TriggersA company might consider outsourcing services at several points, including but not limited to:​When the company lacks the necessary expertise in-house to perform certain tasks or p...

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Empowering Global Expansion | EOR Services

Empowering Global Expansion In today’s globalized world, businesses are constantly looking to expand their operations beyond borders. However, managing global hiring, payroll taxes, and compliance ...

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Txm Payroll Services

Payroll services in UAE

​Cost-Efficiency: Outsourcing payroll processing to TXM can reduce overhead costs associated with in-house payroll processing.Accuracy: TXM ensures minimal errors in salary calculations and tax ded...

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Unveiling the Synergy between Recruitment Agencies and Internal HR Teams

​A recruitment agency can be a valuable tool for finding and attracting talent, but it doesn’t eliminate the need for an internal Human Resources (HR) team. Here’s why: Broad HR Responsibilities: ...

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